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Commercial  Treatment

From Ant treatment  to Rats, Mice and everything in between, when it comes to pest management, Flash Point Pest Control provides quality solutions to San Jose, California and the surrounding area. We believe Rodent Prevention is the best way to stay pest-free, but we offer many treatments and services based on your unique situation.

        Commercial Services

Trustworthy, Commercial Pest Control Services in San Jose, California and surrounding area.

From Rentral properties ; Apartment Complexs, Condos and HOAs, to Office Buildings and Food Establishments. We can customize  a Commercial Pest Control Treatment  for your specific needs.

Our Service Guarantee for Professionals

We provide a proactive, Zero-Tolerence approach to  Commercal Pest Control for your Business. Rodent Control in  commerical or in Industrial settings compromise sanitary conditions and working environments, potentially damaging reputations and resulting in corrective fines, from Local and State Agencies. This is why Flash Point Pest Control will customize the Best Rodent Provention solution for your Business. We offer regular follow-up treatments for optimal Rodent Control.

We Offer:

•Break Room Service             •Drain Treatments        •Insect Lights 

•Exterior Grounds Service     •Interior / Exterior Rodent Control

And Much More....

Commercial Spray

Lasting Pest Removal

Our systematic approach doesn't just deal with the visible problems. We seek out the source of the problem to find the best treatment and Rodent Provention options.

Always On Time

We value your time so we schedule a specific time for your treatments, and we show up right on time. No appointment windows. Other reasons you should consider Flash Point  Pest Control,

Our  services include:

• Clear and Concise Reporting Of All Pest and Sanitation Issues
• Fast Response Time Catered To Your Service Needs

• Honesty and Integrity Are the Foundation Of Our Business
• Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs for Long-Term Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I talk directly to the owner of company?
A: Yes, communication is the key to a successful experience! We listen to your needs, explain the solution, and execute it.

Q: Are you licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board of California?
A: Yes, it is illegal for a pest control company to provide pest control services to a structure unless you are licensed.

Q: Why should I use your company versus another?
A: We offer unrushed professional services with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Q: How do we establish a protective barrier around your home and business?
A: We establish a protective barrier around the foundation, windows, and doors. This will zap pests before they get inside.