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Botanical Treatments!

Today it's possible to live comfortable in a pest-free enviroment. We are trained to use Eco Friendly Treatment, responsibly with regard to pets, people and the enviroment. Our enviromentally Pet Friendly and Eco Friendly Treatments and proven process safely and effectively remove Ants, Cockroaches  and Bed Bugs as well as :
•Spiders      •Rats    •Mice    •Fleas    •Spring Tails    •Wasps    •Pantry Pest    •Silverfish    •Earwigs    

A Natural Alternative !

Unlike most pesticides, which use synthetic chemicals, botanical treatment insecticides utilize essential oils. Naturally derived from plants, these essential oils are approved for use around pets, children and food handling areas.

Essential Oils As Pest Control

Over millions of years many plants have developed natural defensses against insect attacks; they release phytochemicals that repel, poison or affect the growth of potentially threatening species. Ancient people took advantage of these insect controlling qualities by hanging bruised plants in homes and burning plants in areas where infestations would occur. Eventually , people began extracting essential oils that acted as insecticides and repellents. 

The quest for safer alternatives to insect control has lead us back to the natural methods of the past. By combing Botanical knowledge that has been passed down through generations with modern-day chemistries, the experts behind the Essentria are able to create safe, effective and natural insecticides from essential oils.

How Botanical Insecticides Work  

All of the active ingredients in botanical insecticides ane naturally derived from plants. Below you will find information on how the active ingredients in  Esssntria effectively fight against insects:

Peppermint Oil: It kills and repels mosquitoes, spiders, moths, caterpillars, fire ants, aphids, flies, stinging insects, fleas and more. It can have larvicidal effects, from developing into adults.

Rosemry Oils: Repels flies, fleas, mites and mosquitoes.

Geraniol: Naturally derived from geranium, rose and lemon plants. Repels mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, and ticks.

What To Expect With Botanical Treatments

There are many advantages to the softer chemistries featured in Botanical Insecticides as utilized in  Essentria.Significantly, these essential oil based products pose little to no threat to humans and animals. Further, because they work by exploiting the natural strengths of plants and the natural weaknesses of insects, pests are unlikely to develop resistance. Botanical pesticides may require multiple applications due to lack of residual control.

Pet Friendly Treatment and Eco Friendly Treatment